Rick McKinney

Director at the Mesa Store. Rick is a two time olympic silver medalist and three time world champion. His knowledge of archery shooting is unmatched. For those having dreams of competing at the highest level of archery, Rick can coach and evaluate to help you achieve your goals. Rick coaches out of the Mesa location. Rick’s hourly rate is $100.00

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Junior Jean

Junior Jean is a USA Archery Level 2 coach. Junior’s love of archery is evident when teaching new students. Junior works with both bowhunters and recreational shooters to improve their abilities as shooters. Junior coaches out of the Mesa location. Junior’s hourly rate is $50.00

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Deanna Cronin

Deanna Cronin is the co-owner of Timber Mesa and is a USA Archery Level 2 coach. Deanna is both and accomplished bow hunter and competitive archer. She holds numerous state championships in 3D, outdoor and indoor competitions. Deanna loves to see women get into the sport. Her laid back, fun loving demeanor and her vast experience in archery can help those new shooters gain the confidence they need to be lifelong archers. Deanna is available for coaching at Show Low and Mesa locations. Deanna’s hourly rate is $75.00

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Brian Cronin

Brian Cronin is the co-owner of Timber Mesa. Brian started shooting a bow at age 14. Archery has been his passion for over 30 years. His love for archery is contagious. Brian is an accomplished bow hunter and competitive archer. Brian loves coaching shooters and watching them grow in the sport he loves so much. Brian works with shooting form and dives deep into equipment needs of the shooter. Brian coaches from the Show Low and Mesa stores. Brian’s hourly rate is $75.00

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David Smith

I started my archery career in April 2014. From the first arrow I knew it was exactly the sport for me. I went on to shoot olympic recurve for the next 4 years. In 2018 I switched to mainly recurve barebow but I also shoot compound bow occasionally as well so I have experience in multiple disciplines of archery. I have competed in numerous local and state competitions as well as the Las Vegas shoot and has also been on the Arizona team for the Duel in the Desert a few times. In July 2016 I became a certified instructor and have taught classes, private lessons and filled in as a substitute for JOAD programs. David’s hourly rate is $50.00

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Richard Granata

Richard Granata is a USA Archery Level 2 Coach. Richard started shooting over 40 years ago and has actively been involved in hunting and competitive archery for over 30 years. Richard is passionate about getting new people involved in archery especially youth and women because they are what is going to continue to make our great sport grow. Richard specializes in form, technique and fitting the equipment to the shooter properly. Richard is available in the Show Low location his hourly rate is $50.00

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