PSE Perform X 3D


PSE Perform X 3D 00005

Take on your 3D competition with peak performance from the 2019 PSE Perform-X™ 3D! Engineered on a shorter brace-height version of our Perform-X™ shoot-through riser, this bow is unbelievably stiff, strong, and fast, delivering an unbelievable target shooting experience at 338 fps. Combined with PSE’s SE cam and L.A.S. Wedge Lock Pockets, the Perform-X™ 3D offers faster speeds, better hold, advanced tuning capabilities, and greater precision with true center-pull technology!

Cam: Evolve
Draw Length Options: 25" - 30.5" Adjustable
FPS (ATA): 332 FPS
Brace Height: 6.5"
Mass Weight: 5lbs.
Axle-to-Axle: 36"
Draw Weight Ranges: 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#

This product is only available in store only - please call 928-537-9808 for details.


Draw Length
Draw Weight
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Black Onyx High Voltage Gold Electric Lime Satin Mercury