Strings for Life


Archers from all over Arizona have trusted Timber Mesa with their archery needs since 1993. Over the years we have seen the archery industry change with technology and innovation. The one thing that has stayed constant is the need for good strings and cables on a bow to deliver accurate arrow flight and grouping.

As a way to show our appreciation to our customers, we are proud to offer our industry leading STRINGS FOR LIFE program. Our STRINGS FOR LIFE program is just one  of the ways Timber Mesa Outdoors continues to stand out among other pro shops.

Our industry first program allows our customers to receive new strings and cables for the life of their bow every two years, saving our customers hundreds of dollars over the life of their bow.

Program is as follows:

All bows purchased over $800.00 program is FREE of charge.

All bows purchased under $800.00 there is a one time charge (at the time of purchase) $50.00


Q: I bought a bow from another shop. Can I still purchase the Strings For Life program?
A: No. Bows purchased from Timber Mesa only qualify for the program.

Q: Can I purchase the program at a later date if I change my mind?
ANo, the Strings For Life program must be set up at time of original sale.

Q: Can I pick custom colors for my new strings?
AYes, you are able to pick any standard color with standard serving options.

Q: I cut my string before my two year date can I get my Strings for Life early?
No. This is designed as a preventative maintenance program to keep your bow in top working shape within normal wear and tear. It does not cover neglect or accidental damage